Frequently Asked Questions

Shop Questions


What materials do you use for your prints?

Most printers use 4 inks which really dulls down a lot of the colours I use. All my prints are made with a printer that uses 12 inks, which captures the vibrancy of the original colours, yay! :) The paper is 300gsm Moab Entrada natural rag. It's a fine art, 100% cotton archival paper with a nice subtle texture.

What is a giclee print? 

Giclee prints are basically just really high quality reproductions of original art, matching the colours as close as possible : ) They're created using pigment-based inks which last much longer than dye-based inks used in lower-cost inkjet prints. 

Where can I get your larger prints? 

You can buy the larger prints (19" x 24") through Inprnt hereThey aren't signed since they come through a seperate company. I'll try to get more variations up there soon, but it takes some time since I like to order some samples and make sure the quality is all good. The largest I have on my own shop is 12" x 15" 

How are the prints packaged?

My worst nightmare is a damaged print, so I do my best to package them very securely. They're shipped flat with an acid-free plastic sleeve & cardboard backing and I close my eyes and chant a protection spell before they leave my hands. 


Do the stickers last long?

They’re weatherproof and can stand up to quite a lot of wear and tear.

Original Paintings

What comes with the paintings? 

Each painting is signed and protected with gloss varnish. Shipping & insurance is included for US and Canada, international prices will vary! Paintings come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Here's an example of what they look like :) 


Refunds / Exchanges

Since I'm a small business I don't offer refunds or exchanges right now. The only exception is if your print was damaged or lost in the mail. Please let me know if this happens and I can offer a replacement or refund.

General FAQ

What medium do you use?

Everything is painted traditionally with acrylic paint. I mix the paint with water so it's easier to work with and just because I like it :) I usually paint on watercolour paper, wood panel, or canvas for larger paintings. 

What are you inspired by? 

Most of my paintings are inspired by my personal healing journey! I'm inspired by what I learn and discover - things like the mind-body-spirit connection, parts work, inner child healing, and meditation. Making art helps me process trauma & feelings I can't really put into words. I hope that by expressing these things, people will feel less alone and maybe even feel a little bit of healing when they see my paintings <3

Are you available for commissions? 

I'm available to work with new clients on commercial work or brand collaborations. Please send me an email at 

Personal commissions are closed right now, although this might change in the future!

Can I use your art in a presentation for school? 

Yes please go for it! If you have specific questions for a school project, please try to email me at least 1-2 weeks before it's due <3

Something else? 

If I didn't answer your question here, you can email me at